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for Cabinetry and Closet Sales & Production

Simplify, standardize and automate your workload to reduce stress and increase profits

Gain Control of your Company

EagleEyeERP is flexible and easy to use
allowing you to increase profits & reduce stress

EagleEyeERP provides the solution to standardize, simplify & automate tasks no matter the size of your woodworking business. Information is organized into a single source of truth providing easy access to every step of the sales cycle from the initial customer contact through estimating, to engineering, to inventory, to production/shop floor, to delivery and final invoice.


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EagleEyeERP Pricing

Offering the flexibility to fit the size of your company


First 5 Users

  • $50 per additional standard user
  • $10 per additional shop user


Setup Fee

  • Implementation / Integration

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EagleEyeERP provides a solution unmatched in comparison to other products.


EagleEyeERP has a dashboard that allows you to quickly understand your business.

You can have multiple modules on your screen at any one time and work in each of them. You can maximize one of the windows and work directly in that screen.

Production Visibility

    What your team is working on.
    What is a priority.
    What is pending.

Keeping track of your team and what current operations are being processed is vital to any production team.

Track all Activity in One Page

With the "Work center" report, you have up-to-date real-time information on what your team is working on as well as what is pending and what has been completed. You can also see what is currently in progress and how long an employee has been working on any task.

Automated Sales Cycle

Sales leads are no longer lost due to inability to keep track of them.

With one single report you can see all sales leads and filter it down to exactly what you want, when you want it. You can follow up on a lead directly, log notes and verify that every step has been completed from a single page.


EagleEyeERP provides a platform to connect all the elements of your sales and production cycle.

Whether using the available modules of CRM, estimating, engineering, inventory, shop floor management, shipping and accounting or integrating with existing Cadcam, Inventory or Accounting software. EagleEyeERP ties them all together to provide live usable data in a single source of truth.

In-Depth Reporting

Accessing reports or history has never been easier.

The workcenter allows you a real-time snapshot of what employees are working on what tasks. You can view recent history of the completed tasks, who completed them, an when they were completed.

Timecard Reporting

EagleEyeERP was designed with the goal of being a Single Source of Truth - all employees (including the shop floor) are logging in & out of operations, so no need for duplicate entries. At any time you can view employee time card reports in "real time" within EagleEyeERP.

Tracking Sales Leads

Viewing and working with sales leads has never been easier. Create your own user defined statuses, provide your sales team access to update lead status at any time (from multiple devices), view status of leads in "real time", sort & filter leads by status, and create custom views/reports based on your needs.

Touchscreen PC, Mac, Tablet

Compatible with PC or Mac.

Viewable using Standard Monitors, Touchscreens, Tablets or Smart phones

EagleEyeERP is web based (no expensive server to purchase or maintain) and allows you access with any device (with internet access) that fits your work-style. Most features are available on mobile phones, however screen size of 8" or larger recommended for full functionality.

User Control

Custom operation workflow per user.

EagleEyeERP allows everyone to have access to everything individually. You can customize, per user, the operation flow from start to finish. Beyond customized operation flow, you can quickly identify who should be cross trained in other departments. EagleEyeERP automatically calculates priorities based on what the individual is trained in, the workload that is available in the system, what operations have already been completed and what is due.